You bought a TRX with good reason: It’s lightweight, portable, and unlike other equipment in the gym. If you’ve mastered the basics of suspension training, here are three difficult-to-master TRX moves that will stimulate new gains, and remind you why you bought the thing in the first place.

The Moves:

Side Plank

Lie on your side and place your feet in the stirrups of your TRX. Prop yourself up on your elbow and tighten your abs and obliques. Repeat using the other elbow.

Inverted Curl

Lie on your back underneath the TRX. Grasp the handles with an underhand grip and perform a curl. Your heels are the only part of you on the floor.


Lie facedown with your feet in the stirrups of a TRX. Perform a pushup and rotate to the right, reaching overhead. Repeat on the left.

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