You’re going to do and say some things that your wife, girlfriend, lover, or even female cubicle buddy will find downright deplorable. Okay, maybe not deplorable, but it’s going to strike a nerve deep in her brain that will irk her to no end. She may not say it then, to avoid seeming like an irrational person who only points out your flaws, so we’re going to do it for her. We’ve rounded up 25 of the most common faux pas you’re likely to commit in your lifetime. And we’re willing to bet most women hate them in addition to the ones in this particular sample…

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“A guy who is constantly talking himself up when I’m with him. I don’t need any more convincing to be hanging out with you when I’m already with you!!” – Rachel F.

“When a guy uses abbreviations/incorrect grammar or spelling in a text message. It can make them come across as lazy or unintelligent—which in the end is a turn off.” – Melanie D. 

“I hate when guys cross their legs, talk about their bodies, comment on what girls eat, and when they only hang out with girls to try and sleep with them.” – Sara N. 

“When a guy thinks faster is better in bed. No bueno.” – Melissa C.

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“I hate when guys act differently toward you in front of their friends!” – Sam M. 

“I guess my answer to this huge question is laziness. Laziness in bed, laziness with their appearance, laziness in their lives. Just care a bit. Take pride in your appearance and in your bedroom skills—the ladyfolk appreciate it.” – Noelle A.

“Lack of motivation/not being driven… and it can be in anything—career, fitness, learning new things, friendships, bettering your relationship, etc. ” – Monica M.

“I hate when a guy asks me the question, ‘You’re not hungry, are you?’ implying that it would be insane if I actually was. (And I usually am.) I hate when guys wear athletic sneakers with khakis. And I hate when I send a “sexy” picture to the guy I’m talking to and he just sends back a thumbs up emoji. Romantic.” – Julia C. 

“Leaving dishes in the sink and not putting them in the dishwasher.” – Alexa P.

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“When guys call me ‘cute,’ I’m really put off by it.” -Jane S.

“I once dated a guy who was amazingly clean in practically every way but didn’t wash his towel so it always smelled funky. Almost defeats the purpose of showering, right?” – Annie C.

“Fashion: dudes who haven’t escaped the 90s perplex me. See: men who still wear white leather sneakers, loose fitting jeans, and/or use crazy amounts of gel in their hair. I would honestly think twice about going on a date with someone like that because if it worked out I’d want them to dress better and I suspect they’d think I was trying to change them. Also manspreading is an affliction of rudeness in cities.” -Sue R.

“When a guy opens your snapchat but doesn’t respond to your text.” – Kristen D.

“When guys are into video gaming. Go golfing, play a game of poker, or something that isn’t COD. If you own a headset, that’s a deal breaker.” – Jessica D.

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“When they can’t hold an intellectual conversation.” – Charrette S.

“When they are too into fitness and judge you for having a cookie.” – Alana A.

“Man clogs (Birkenstocks). Please don’t.” – Chelsea M.

“When their ties aren’t long enough and you can see the bottom button of their shirt.” – Lindsay D.

“When I ask him what he wants to eat and he says he doesn’t care.” – Emily M.

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“When they can’t order their own drink at Starbucks.” -Taylor R.

“When he takes days to answer your text message. But when he wants to talk or hang out, he’s on top of his texts. I know you didn’t fall of all cliff and that you have your phone on you…” – Athena L.

“When he tries to convince you that you’re the only one in his life but you know it’s not true…” – Sarah P.

“I hate when guys try be cool and are disrespectful to elders or people around them for no reason. It’s such a turn off. No one wants a man like that!” – Emma K.


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“My biggest pet peeve is when a guy starts taking off my clothes and throws my underwear on the floor. I need to wear those later.” – Jaclyn S.

“When a guy tries way too hard—visually and verbally—to get a girl. Laid back, effortless, genuine is way more attractive.” -Christina S.