Is She Cheating?

What are the signs your girlfriend is having an affair? These expert tips about why women cheat could save your relationship.

Is She Cheating?

First Tori Spelling and country singer LeAnn Rimes got tangled up in extramarital affairs that left their husbands reeling. Now even Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson—those moody teenyboppers from the Twilight movies—are caught in the middle of a cheating mess.

So how can you avoid looking like a deer in headlights when your girlfriend tells you she’s leaving you for her yoga instructor?

To find out, we got experts (one of whom led a massive 900-person study on infidelity) to weigh in and give us tips to prevent and—if necessary, detect—cheating. Read on for their very best, relationship-saving advice.


1. Take time to reconnect.

What makes a woman more likely to step out on her man? It’s simple: Stress and anxiety within the relationship will cause her to stray, while happiness will keep her committed, says Kristen Mark, Ph.D., the lead author on a 2011 study on infidelity at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.

And although what defines happiness varies from couple to couple, there are some easy ways to keep the relationship solid: Don’t pick fights over the little things, let her rant so that she feels heard, and—most importantly—set aside more time to spend together. Scheduling a date night at a concert of sporting event, for example—and not texting her at 11 p.m. on Friday to come over and eat leftover pizza—will show her she’s a priority.

Next: Make sure she's satisfied.

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