She's Got the Look

Why, every once in a while, it's OK to judge a book by its cover

She's Got the Look

We want to let you in on a little secret: You're a pretty good catch. You've got the body (or at least you're working on it). Combine that with the right clothing, a killer job, and finally getting rid of those milk-crate bookshelves, and you're golden.

There's no reason you shouldn't be able to score with any woman you want. Even if she's the quintessential model/academic/party girl who makes you stammer and blank out just thinking about her. But if that's not the case, we're here to help. Because no matter what type of girl turns you on, we've got a foolproof plan to get you into her panties.

The Uptown Chick
About her: This clotheshorse is all about labels and expensive things, particularly jewelry that comes in a certain blue box. She reads fashion mags cover to cover, spends hours "just browsing" at designer boutiques, and prides herself on being a true style queen-meaning she can spot a Gucci knockoff from across the room.

How to get her: Alcohol and ego stroking. Start with the latter and compliment her on her impeccable style, paying particular attention to her $400 shoes. When planning your date, keep in mind this girl wants other people looking at her, so take her somewhere women will stare just as much as the guys. And since this is a gal with a taste for the finer things, save up for a few days so you can spend big. We're talking a four-star joint (or at least somewhere with white tablecloths and napkin rings). Once she's suitably impressed, it's time to ply her with booze. No beer or shots for this girl. Stick with wine, and plenty of it. Ask the maître d' to have a bottle uncorked and waiting at the table so you can get started right away.

The Academic
About her: The perpetual student, this beautiful bookworm can hold her own whether she's discussing Proust or Bush's foreign policy. But all that knowledge doesn't come cheap, which is why she's also likely in debt and up to her neck in student loans. Not that she cares: For her, it's the pursuit of knowledge that really matters.

How to get her:

Form a meaningful bond. Before taking her out, buy the Sunday New York Times and study the Week in Review section like you've never studied before. And rather than taking her to see the new Adam Sandler flick, opt for the documentary du jour. (If it's antiwar, anti-big business, or about dying humans or animals, all the better.) After the film, take her to a quiet coffee shop where the two of you can nestle into a giant, pillow-covered couch and get cozy. Ask for her take on the film, current events, or life in general. So what if you don't really care what she has to say. Your goal is to look riveted by whatever it is she has to talk about. Don't worry about remembering the details. "Really? Tell me more!" works just fine. The idea here is to draw her out and make her feel a connection-one that she'll want to take to an even higher level later on.

The Model/Actress
About her: Fiercely insecure, yet incredibly vain, Lil' Miss Thing needs to be constantly reminded that she's gorgeous, gor-geous, gor-ge-ous. Since her job is basically going to cattle calls for really tall, skinny girls, don't be surprised to see her persistently fishing for compliments or posing to show off her "good side."

How to get her: Make the whole night about her. Whether you're hitting the bar or a restaurant, don't let the conversation veer off the subject for more than a second. Mark Young, Ph.D., professor of business and entertainment management at USC and the co-author of a recent study on narcissism and celebrity, advises figuring out the essence of the image or character she's trying to portray and then encouraging it as much as possible. "Young models and actresses are ultimately propelled by feelings of vanity, superiority, and exhibitionism," he says. As long as you know that, you can't go wrong.