You’re going to be “that guy” in plenty of scenarios in your lifetime. The over-zealous mistletoe enthusiast at your company’s holiday party. The drunkest guy at the bar a la Will Ferrel in Old School. The friend who forgets to return borrowed money. (We can go on and on…) But the one guy you really don’t want to be, but probably are on a consistent basis, is the guy who inadvertently pisses off every girl in the gym.


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Here’s the list:

“I absolutely HATE when men care more about taking selfies than about working out.” -Diana C.

“Sitting right across from me on a piece of equipment and staring. I get you’re trying to get your workout in on a limited time but when we are both resting in between sets, it’s awkward, and I’m trying to find 1,000 other places to look than you.” – Diana K.

“When I’m doing any kind of bent-over strength training exercise and you’re staring at my cleavage in the mirror. Just try not to make it so obvious, please!” – Kristen K.

“I don’t appreciate it when I’m using a certain barbell, dumbbell, or weight machine and then a dude swoops in and takes it over and stays put between sets. Move away and let other people work in between your sets.” – Lauren L.

“I was at the gym the other day, walked into the weight room, and was hit with a cloud of sweat/B.O. Guys are gross. I hate it when they act like the whole weight-lifting area is their domain and they’re allowed to smell like garbage! Put on some deodorant, and don’t fart while you’re on the treadmill next to me and act like no one can tell where the stench is coming from. (All this being said, it’s gross to smell overpowering cologne while working out too, but I don’t notice that as much.)” –Laurel L.

“Blatantly flexing in the mirror. It makes me want to throw a dumbbell.” – Carly. G.

“When they ask to do sets with you and share the same machine or equipment. No.” – Melissa C.

“I hate it when I’m in a class and during warmup drills the guy behind me is literally on top of me, about to run me down. It’s a warmup! Slow the hell down, or ask to go in front of me.” – Brittany S.

“Excessive grunting. So distracting. If you need to grunt, just go down in weight…” – Athena L.

“When someone’s sick—like whooping cough sick—and instead of taking the day off or working out from home, they’re hacking all over the equipment and spewing their germs. Even worse if they’re breathing on you…” – Rebecca A.

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“Wearing the exact same shirt every time you’re in the gym. Technically you could be regularly laundering your gym clothes. But change it up a little so people don’t think you’re gross!” – Amanda L.

“I hate when a guy tries to show off in front of you (a.k.a. flexing or walking around like he owns the place). No talking to strangers for me.” – Rachel F.

“Guys who grunt loudly when it’s completely unnecessary and wear inappropriate clothing when they sure as hell cannot pull it off.” – Denise F.

“This goes for anyone, but using a cellphone at the gym is super irritating. Who are you calling right now?!” – Alison F.

“Spandex tights with no shorts. No one wants to see your junk moving around…” – Michelle R.

“Just rudeness in general. Wipe down your used equipment and don’t leave your towels lying around. And, please, rerack the weights!” – Danielle K.

“The absolute worst thing a guy can do is sit on a machine for an hour and barely use it (or not use it at all) while on their cell phone.” – Caroline F.

“Guys who try and talk down to me because I’m a girl…” – Bianca M.

“Men who stare. It is so uncomfortable and makes me want to leave.” – Megan L.

“When guys don’t even work out yet attempt to hit on you. It appears as if they’re only there to pick up women, are desperate, and have nothing better to do with their time.” – Jackie P.

“When men are verbally and physically obnoxious. Guys who grunt, clang weights, start fights, and hit on women—especially when they’re not even doing that much work—just to gain everyone’s attention.” – Brianna W.

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“When they grunt like a pig and throw their weights after only doing one set.” – Lindsay D.

“When they stare at themselves the entire time.” – Alana A.

“Don’t take selfies at the gym. Especially mirror selfies. That just screams vanity.” – Kristen D.

“How most of them automatically assume you don’t know what you’re doing so they try to ‘coach’ you—and when they’re just straight up mean.” – Moriah G.

“When they show obvious annoyance because they think you’re taking up ‘their’ space in the weight room.” – Taylor A.