Lately, our readers have been asking us about matters of the heart, so we passed along two touchy questions to actor, producer and former wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Here’s the bottom line.

My girlfriend caught me cheating on her, and she’s pissed. I don’t want to end the relationship, so what should I do?

First, were you sorry you did it? Or were you just sorry you got caught? Two totally different things. You need to sit down, face to face, and have a come-to-Jesus meeting where you figure out both of your expectations in the relationship. Do you want it to move forward? Do you want it to be a long-term deal? If you’re not a guy who can be faithful in a relationship, there ain’t no sense in wasting your time or hers. You need to end it and ride off into the sunset.

You also need to have a conversation with yourself, looking in the mirror and asking whether you can stop cheating. Do you want to move forward? Do you want to grow old with this person? Are you too young to be tied down? Figure all that out first; otherwise you have got to get out.

Have you ever caught a girl cheating on you?

Yeah. We sat down and had that same kind of heart-to-heart talk, and I realized at the time that I was kind of wanting to have my cake and eat it, too, and I wasn’t giving her the attention that she deserved or expected. I was being somewhat of a prick, so we got to the bottom of it, we didn’t sweep anything under the carpet, and we figured out whether there was a future and whether we wanted to proceed. That’s what’s got to happen.