The stunning Playboy model, Octagon Girl and host of UFC’s Ultimate Insider on loves working up a sweat in the gym and in the ring doing Muay Thai kickboxing. Here, Arianny gives her top three tips for getting your butt in shape.

Supplement Your Training
“I don’t like to take any crazy, unnatural supplements, but I do use glutamine. I put it in my protein shakes, and it really helps with muscle soreness.”

Give in to Temptation
“if you’re craving something, eat it. Otherwise, you’re going to eat something else that won’t satisfy you, and eventually you’ll eat what you craved anyway. Just don’t overdo it.

Get Back
“I’m definitely a butt girl. I like a guy to have some nice glutes, so he needs to squat and lunge. Muay Thai is also great for the butt—it’s a full-body workout. You can feel your abs and glutes work when you’re kicking. I train with guys, and I’ve definitely slapped a couple around!”


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