Admit it. You’re already whispering, “Wow.” Actress Moran Atias does that to men. On TV’s Crash (Starz) the 28-year-old former model plays a gypsy named Inez who has no past or identity and survives through a wily elixir of charisma, cunning, and sex appeal. Though no less appealing than Inez, Atias is a bit more conservative, especially when it comes to dating.

“A relationship takes time, and you really have to work hard at it,” she says. “I’m devoted to my profession, but when I find the right guy, I’ll work just as long and hard for him.” So close your mouth. You still have a shot.

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Moran’s Relationship Rules

Practice Your Moves
“I like a guy who’s sarcastic, serious, sensitive—even just silent. But you have to do it at the right times. That’s sexy. To me, it reflects intelligence.”

Wine and Dine
“If I eat well and drink a nice glass of wine, I enjoy a date better. But if a guy treats me respectfully and the waiter demeaningly, I’m turned off.”

Don’t Be Shy
“Some American guys wait until the 10th date to try and kiss you. By then you start speculating: Does he like me? Is he gay? In Italy it’s very passionate, it’s like you’re his wife by the third date. In-between is the perfect speed.”

Reverse Role-Play
“Try to understand what your date is going through. Make her feel important. It’ll become contagious.”

Trust Her
“Take responsibility and make a relationship the best it can be. We’re all afraid of being hurt. Get rid of that fear. Be in the moment and enjoy the relationship—or you’ll ruin it.”

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