MF: All of our readers are dying to know: How’d you earn the name “the Pleasure Machine”?

GR: [Laughs] It actually has nothing to do with what most people would think. I did a commercial for Virgin Airways where I played a stripper, in a real strip club, wearing black boots and a black bikini. In the commercial, there was a famous poet doing a voice-over, and he read the words, “Step aboard the pleasure machine,” just as they showed me dancing and spinning around the pole. In Australia, everyone has a nickname, so when people saw the commercial, it just stuck. I love it; I think it’s great!

What would a guy need to do to earn the label “Pleasure Machine” in your eyes?

He’d have to have a great body! [Laughs] Especially nice, muscled arms or a nice butt. When I’m in the gym and American football is on, I can’t resist staring at the players’ tight, shiny pants, because most of the guys have such great buns, legs, and thighs.

You model. You act. You host TV shows. How does a guy get a girl like you?

It’s really about chemistry, personality, and making me laugh. If a guy makes me laugh, he’s halfway there. [Laughs] Combine that with ambition, and you’re there.

What was your experience like on Australia’s Celebrity Survivor? Did you do anything crazy, like taking your clothes off for chocolate and peanut butter the way Jenna and Heidi did on the American Survivor?

Ha ha, that’s funny! No, I didn’t. I did run around a lot in my bikini, which was fun. There was a twist in the game-I was the only female on the boys’ team, and they ended up doing everything. I just lay on the beach and sunbathed. [Laughs]

We hear you also trained as a dancer for the Australian version of Dancing With the Stars. Is it true what they say, that dancers-what with their flexibility and all-really make some of the best lovers?

I would imagine so. . . . [Laughs] Yes, I think the fitter you are, the better your sex life is going to be. Definitely!