Call her what you want—dork, spaz, nerd, or geek—it won’t faze Olivia Munn, who has spent the better part of her career breaking down the stereotype that you can’t be hot and nerdy.

Seriously, have you seen that picture of her cosplaying Slave Leia? (Google image search. Now!)

Olivia Munn

The 25 hottest photos of Olivia Munn

The actress kicks ass.

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But her figure doesn’t come out of a comic book fantasy—Munn works just as hard as any other Hollywood babe. “When I’m in L.A. I work out with my trainer on a regular basis,” Munn says. “She has a home gym, so she’s really flexible and can work out early morning or late at night depending on what my shooting schedule is.

Munn returns this fall to HBO’s The Newsroom as the (yes, dorky) economics wiz Sloan Sabbith and just wrapped Ride Along 2, which will be released next year. Staying in shape on the road is challenging, and Munn isn’t used to working out on set, but she tries to stay on her grind at every opportunity. “I bring ankle and arm weights with me, and a TRX that I can attach to any door,” she says. “I hope to have the self-discipline to do something with them.”

As opposed to, for instance, indulging in a multiple-hour Family Feud marathon (Munn’s proudly and hopelessly addicted). Of course, she also surfs and golfs in her free time. “I recently learned how to chip and putt,” she says, “so I’m excited to learn how to do the other hundred things you have to know to golf!”

But she doesn’t impress easily—even if you’re a PGA pro. You might have better luck trading your chipper for a Chewbacca costume—and a touch of kindness. “I look for goodness in guys,” she says. “It just so happens that goodness is usually found in nerdy people.”