Men’s Fitness: You played a character name “Typhoid Mary” in Elektra, who possessed the kiss of death. What would you consider the kiss of death when dating guys?

Natassia Malthe: A guy who blows their nose into a cloth napkin, eww. And a when he doesn’t try to get to know you and only talks about what he does and how much money he makes, you know? It’s so awful (laughs). It’s such a turn-off, like I don’t care how much money you make.

MF: Speaking of kisses, what kind of kisses do you prefer? Do you like them soft and delicate, or intense and passionate?

NM: Anything that is very connected; connection beyond the lips.

MF: Does playing strong, ass-kicking characters turn you on?

NM: Oh yeah. It brings out this ferocious energy inside of me. It’s like I’m playing a part of myself that’s very strongly developed in myself, and I guess that’s why I keep getting these ass-kicking parts.

MF: I guess you could say you had a little girl-on-girl action with Jennifer Garner in Elektra. We’re talking fight scenes, of course, but have you ever dabbled with off-screen girl-on-girl experimentation?

NM: Once. Um, I think every girl goes thru the “hmmm” phase. And that’s all I’m going to go with that. (laughs)

MF: So you’re a trained ballerina dancer. Men’s Fitness readers are dying to know… is it true what they say, that dancers make great lovers?

NM: (Laughs) I think there’s a lot to say about a person who knows their body. The flexibility of a dancer can really work out a guy’s imagination. (laughs)

MF: What do you look for in a guy?

NM: Someone with a great butt. (laughs) Someone who engages in interesting conversation, that’s intimate and vulnerable, but past all his bullshit. (laughs)

MF: You’re a sexy model and actress… how does a guy get a girl like you?

NM: Well, guys who have genuine qualities, who don’t go with the mainstream of men. Guys who are compassionate and go deeper than what’s on the outside.

MF: What’s your favorite body part in a man?

NM: The thigh and the butt area, so naughty (laughs). I just think it’s really masculine. It’s kind of like the sculpture of “David”, the one with the penis on (laughs). That’s appealing.