You’ve been in thrillers like Terminator Salvation. Does playing a doctor on Falling Skies feel like a departure from what you’ve done in the past? “I was doing the action-girl stuff, and I always had the gun and got to say the badass line. That was fun, and I’m always gonna love that! [Laughs] But I wanted to do something more cerebral, something that wasn’t about my physicality but came more from an inner toughness. It’s fun to change things up. Plus, it was really nice to watch [co-star] Noah [Wylie] do gun training and fight training. I’m like, ‘Yeah, been there, done that.’ ” You’ve also lent your voice to video games. Are you a big gamer? “I got into Call of Duty for a little while… but I got more tension than relief from it. I am very competitive, and you can tell when I play , because I talk so much shit, it’s not even funny.” Do you hit the gym regularly? “Right now, I’ve been working out with a masseuse. My back’s been tense lately because I used to be a professional dancer. Jazz, hip-hop, ballet, all of that. When I was 17, I was a Lakers Girl; I was the youngest girl on the squad. I’ve always been into sports and being physical.” Are you one of those calorie-counting girls? “No, definitely not. I enjoy eating and have no issues with eating. I am not going to be one of those girls who have to watch her weight. I am not a health freak—I refuse! I drink; I enjoy life.” You strike me as a ‘say-it-like-it-is’ kind of chick. “Thank you. I pride myself on that, and I don’t like bullshit. I go to Whole Foods, then I go to McDonald’s. I have a beer, and if you wanna play video games, I love that. I love people who are real. I’m not gonna talk about the toxins in my food and sit there and take 50 vitamins a day. I’m gonna go out in the sun, I’m gonna get a tan—I might wear some SPF, but I’m not gonna walk around with a ridiculous hat on. That is not what life should be about. Play by the rules. Have fun, but don’t be irresponsible while doing it.” Three words that best describe you would be: “Authentic. Moody. And playful!”