MF: On One Tree Hill, your character, Rachel Gattina, is constantly stirring up trouble. Do you have fun playing the vixen role?

DH: Yes! [Laughs] There’s no other person playing the bad girl; she’s the only one that causes mischief. You have to have a troublemaker, otherwise the show would be very boring.

MF: Most of the roles you’ve had in your career share that vibe-does being a bad girl come easily to you?

DH: Not really. I think it’s my body type-the way I look-that gets me the roles. But I’m not really like that at all. I’m more of a tomboy. My regular wardrobe is Converse and T-shirts. But I do like to spend a lot of my time taking on these types of characters, because it’s so much fun.

MF: What is it about a bad girl that you think drives men absolutely crazy?

DH: I think it’s the confidence. The power to use what you have . . . your body, looks, and brains. They’re also usually the intelligent ones. They’re always thinking, plotting, and scheming-and I think that’s attractive to the opposite sex. They get things done in this animalistic kind of way that shows they can take care of themselves, which is very attractive.

MF: Who’s your favorite bad-girl of all time?

DH: Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest. [Laughs] Now, that’s a bad girl.

MF: Moving on to guys: What part of a man’s body do you check out first?

DH: [Laughs] Funny! I like the mouth and butt. Oooh, no, no-I know what it is . . . it’s calves for sure. I just saw some great ones the other day, and I was like, "Oh, wow, they’re sexy." So it’s got to be calves.

MF: What’s the weirdest thing a guy has ever done to pick you up?

DH: I met a fisherman once, and he gave me a fishing hook that his grandfather had made for him when he was a child. He told me that I was someone that caught him off guard-and he wanted me to have it so that I can give it to the next person I meet that catches me off guard. It just happened actually, and I’m really kinda fond of the story. It makes you think of life differently.

MF: That’s crazy. Any other unusual things a guy has done to grab your attention?

DH: I can’t say. [Laughs] It will get me in too much trouble.