You can find this month’s beauty inviting television viewers into the exclusive Las Vegas poker scene. Host Shana Hiatt offers her insight on NBC’s late night show “Poker After Dark,” which features professionals vying weekly for a take-all grand prize. Hiatt has also starred in a number of films including “Must Love Dogs” and Grandma’s Boy.”

Men’s Fitness: You’re the face of televised poker, with hosting “World Poker Tour” in the past and now “Poker After Dark”… So we all want to know, do you use your sex appeal to your advantage when you’re playing the game?

Shana Hiatt: (Laughs) Actually when I play, I talk a lot. That’s the way I work through everything. So if I’m nervous or have anxiety I like to talk. If I sit still I think I’m to showing more. Plus I don’t like the table to be quiet. I just like to have fun and keep the energy going when I play.

MF: What’s the best poker hand you’ve ever gotten?

SH: Umm…let’s see. It’s kind of hard because you can’t say that one hand is better then another because it’s all about how you win with that hand. You can start off with a really bad hand and end up with a full house. It’s crazy with poker, anything can happen! You can get lucky with any hand.

MF: Do you think a female that knows how to play poker is a turn-on for men?

SH: I’m sure it is if they’re not playing them. (Laughs) But I think if a guy loses to a woman I’m sure there’s an ego drop there. But I know the women that play poker, the pros, get plenty of respect from the guys. But girls that are playing at home, I think can definitely use their sex appeal to work to their advantage especially if they know how to play the game. It’s distracting for guys! (Laughs)

MF: Our readers are dying to know how can they get a girl like you?

SH: (Laughs) A person that’s genuine, funny, driven and sensitive can get someone like me.

MF: What is your biggest turn on and biggest turn off?

SH: My biggest turn on is somebody that makes me laughs. If I’m laughing I’m in the best mood. I love to goof around. My biggest turnoff I would say arrogance. Arrogance bothers me.

MF: Last question: The winner of the poker tournament wins a first place prize of $120,000…if you were given the prize money to spend for only an entire day what would you do for fun?

SH: Hmmm…If I could just spend the whole $120,000? How much is a Maserati? (Laughs) Yeah, That’s what I would do; I would get a Maserati and just drive cross- country in high speeds!

Arrogance is a turnoff. I’m most attracted to a person that’s genuine, funny, driven, and sensitive. But my biggest turn-on is somebody that can make me laugh. If I’m laughing or in the mood to goof around, you’re in.