“I just started a Bikram hot yoga class, and one girl in it is even hotter than the class itself. How can I approach her?” – Rad D., Delaware, OH

Ah, hot yoga is done at 105°, so she must be hot! 

Some tips: “Don’t try to get her attention during class,” says Bikram Yoga NYC owner Jen Lobo Plamondon. “Yogis often do ‘moving meditation,’ and you don’t want to interrupt that. But afterward, they usually feel so great they’ll talk to absolute strangers.”

Also: “No grunting in postures!” Plamondon says. “And no big meals within two hours of class—you shouldn’t do yoga on a full stomach.” (Plus, any al forte sound effects could give a whole new meaning to Bikram’s “Awkward Pose.”)

When you do finally chat, have some Bikram trivia ready to show her you’re not there just to pick up girls. For example: Founder Bikram Choudhury, 72, likes to say, “It’s party time!” while teaching; also, he’s facing six students’ sexual assault charges in West L.A. That should keep things lively.

And if you really hit it off, bring her a little yoga-type gift, like a Namaka water flask or a no-slip Violet Love sweatband (pictured), to keep the sweat out of her eyes. All the better to see you with. 

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