When most guys think about ways to turn on their partner, images of candlelight, oysters, and Spotify’s Marvin Gaye playlist probably come to mind. But once you’re both naked in the bedroom, none of these things matter. What’s important in that moment—and what has the power to make her want you even more—is what comes out of your mouth.

What you say to your partner in the bedroom can be a powerful aphrodisiac, clinical psychologist and licensed sex therapist, Dr. Leora Manischewitz, confirms. “Being naked is erotic and a vulnerable position to be in. Excitement is heightened and seductive words only serve to enhance the entire sexual encounter further. The woman often feels seduced, the man, powerful, so the turn on is mutually terrific.”

In other words, what you whisper in her ear has the power to make its way down to her nether regions—and heighten your sexual experience, too. But let’s be honest, guys; sometimes it’s not easy to form a complete sentence—let alone an intelligent or seductive one—when you’re looking at a naked woman. Lucky for you, we’ve got your back. Read on to find what phrases are sure to make her swoon.

15 sex tips from the bedrooms of real women

15 sex tips from the bedrooms of real women

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1. “I can’t stop touching you!”

If you feel like you never want to stop running your hands over her silky smooth skin and killer curves, definitely tell her! “When a woman hears a man say that he can’t stop touching her this will make her feeling extremely desired and powerful,” Manischewitz explains. The more desired she feels, the more turned on she’ll be. It’s a win-win!

2. “I want to keep you all to myself…”

It’s only natural that after seeing her in the buff and connecting with her in the bedroom you’ll develop an overwhelming desire to keep her to yourself. If that’s how you feel about your current beau, don’t be hesitant to share how you’re feeling—especially if you think the feeling is mutual. “A woman may feel cherished by her partner should he wish to keep her all to himself. Possessiveness can be a powerful aphrodisiac as it communicates attachment, desire, need, even love,” Manischewitz tells us. 

3. “Sarah”

Don’t call every woman you get intimate with Sarah, but you should say your partner’s name when you’re getting frisky. “Not only can whispering your partner’s name feel very intimate, it can be very erotic, too,” Manischewitz notes. It reassures her that you find her, and her specifically, to be irresistible—not some fantasy women in your head.

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4. “Let’s turn on the lights…”

It’s not exactly a newsflash that a lot of women are self-conscious about their bodies—but it might come as a surprise to you how easily you can help boost her confidence in the buff. When you tell a woman you want to turn on the lights, it’s a playful way of letting her know that her bangin’ body turns you on. “It lets a woman know that she is desired and powerful. It tells her that you’re turned on by her body, her gaze, as well as her touch, Manischewitz notes, adding that the woman, in turn, will likely feel excited by her ability to rev your engine.

5. “I love your dimples.”

Think there’s no such thing as a “bad” compliment, think again. When you tell a woman that she has a great butt, smile, or something else generic, it will make her wonder how many other women you’ve said the same thing to. To score major points and make her feel special, point out something that’s specific to her, like her dimples or a uniquely shaped freckle. For some extra bonus points, bring this up after sex, not before, so it comes off as more genuine. And since she’s likely feeling a bit disheveled, it will help to boost her confidence, too.

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6. “I want to make you feel good”

If you’re a goal-oriented dude, you may head into sexual encounters with a primary goal in mind: to give her an orgasm. While that may be your prerogative, you’re better off telling your boo that you want to make her feel good. This way, there’s less pressure to reach climax and it lets her know that your priority is making it a great experience for her—which is a surefire way to keep her coming back for more.

7. “You Really Turn Me On”

Don’t just tell her that you’re turned on, tell her that she’s the one that’s got you all hot and bothered. “When a man specifically refers to the woman turning him on, he is letting her know she is powerful, erotic, and sexy. Every woman wants to feel these things,” Manischewitz tells us. 

8. “Let’s play hooky today.”

When a guy tells a woman that he wants to throw responsibility to the wind to spend more time in bed with her, it boosts her ego big time—for a number of reasons. Not only does it make her feel desired and confident, it makes her feel special, too.