Look, we get it: Sex toys can can be intimidating as hell. But if you’ve sworn off sex toys for whatever reason, you’re missing outespecially if you’re avoiding using them with your partner.

Why? Sex toys can not only “bring fresh energy into a monotonous sex life,” but also “help couples or individuals achieve orgasm in easier and more satisfying ways,” says Jen Elmquist, M.A., L.M.F.T., a relationship expert and host of Evine After Dark.

Still, bringing a sex toy into the bedroom can be daunting, particularly for the uninitiated. And that’s why communication is key. “People don’t want to offend their partner by suggesting that they aren’t turned on by their partner and need an enhancement,” explains Logan Levkoff, M.S., Ph.D., a sex and relationships expert. Her recommendation? Suggest “a toy to ‘try together’ for a ‘different and enhanced partner experience’ for both of you.”

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For men specifically, it’s especially important to “understand that if your female partner wants to use a vibrator, it’s not a replacement for you,” explains Elmquist. “As a matter of fact, often the more women are aroused, the higher their sexual desire.”

Most important, Elmquist adds, “once you can lay outdated beliefs and thoughts to rest, there is a big world to explore that offers couples adventure and excitement.”

Here are five of the most seductive, orgasm-inducing sex toys for every budget and every type of couple—from novice to the more experienced.