French women are known for their openness, so MF tracked down five of them to find out what makes a European woman tick. Check out what they had to say about passionate kisses, impressing a French girl, and the difference between American and European men.

(From left) Aurelie D., Cindy, Laetitia (bottom), Aurelie E. (top), and Emilie.

What’s the difference between American and European men in bed?

  • Aurelie D.: I don’t think there are any differences except for the language barrier. A Frenchman would understand me when I talk dirty, and an American wouldn’t. The Yank will just have to listen to my body language.
  • Cindy: European men like to smoke a cigarette after love. Americans like to watch you smoking.
  • Laetitia: Americans are more aggressive. European men know the art of subtlety.
  • Aurelie E.: Their bodies. American men like to go to the gym. European men don’t. It depends on what the girl is into – rock-hard bodies or teddy-bear types.
  • Emilie: It’s a different kind of sensuality. American men may be more conservative than Europeans. That’s not bad – but you have to reveal yourself sometimes.

What’s the secret to a great French kiss?

  • Aurelie D.: A kiss is an expression of honesty. If you feel it inside, then you’ll be a good French kisser. But don’t think you can fake it, because we’ll know.
  • Cindy: A French kiss is like eating a fruit. It’s about enjoying the flavor while it lasts.
  • Laetitia: Clean breath – and not having any food stuck between your teeth.
  • Aurelie E.: A French kiss or a ‘freedom’ kiss? Either way, don’t forget the tongue. That’s something Bush can’t change [laughs].
  • Emilie: Take your time – and reach your arm around my back to hold me tightly.

What should every guy know before trying to pick up a European woman?

  • Aurelie D.: European women like to be courted. Buying flowers before the first date is a good move.
  • Cindy: Don’t be afraid if we go to bed with you after the first date. It doesn’t mean we’re sluts.
  • Laetitia: A European girl needs to feel that she’s desired. She needs passion. If you want us, you have to show it, without playing games or trying to be tricky.
  • Aurelie E.: Don’t try to impress us with the size of your wallet. It’s the size of something else that matters.
  • Emilie: We like to be seduced, so make sure you have a big bag of tricks. Charm is more important than beauty.

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