Most guys brag that they can make a girl beg for sex, but that’s usually just locker-room bravado. Truth be told, gentlemen, this rarely happens, mainly because most guys don’t know where to focus their attention. Until now.

If you stop treating her legs like suspension devices and learn to master this highly erogenous zone, chances are you’ll be rounding third base before most guys even step up to the plate.

Exhale forcefully so she can feel warm air on her legs. Nuzzle with your lips and nose, moving excruciatingly slowly from the ankles up as you hold her calves in your hands.

Stroke the length of her legs with your fingers spread wide, so she feels the tip of each finger (remember, you’re not petting your dog Spot here). Your touch should be soft. If she gets goose bumps, you’re doing it just right.

Kiss her thighs, letting your tongue touch her skin so you leave just a trace of dampness behind. This, in combination with the light touch and hot breath, in a slow, disciplined movement, should elicit writhing, squealing, and giggling. Or a flat-out command to get naked — now.

Most guys assume mistakenly that the back of a woman’s knee is the most erogenous zone on her leg — it isn’t. Really, it’s the section on the inside of her thigh, running up from the top of the knee.