That’s a tough one, since, with the advent of Google Earth, having sex anywhere in public might get you arrested for indecent exposure, or at least publicly shamed. But if it’s something you’re keen on doing, my main advice is to make sure no children are around—a Florida couple were recently charged with child endangerment because they happened to have sex outside near where kids were playing. So no matter where you go, make sure it’s child-free, like a cemetery, a nightclub bathroom, or maybe a retirement home. 

Also, make sure you’re both dressed appropriately—a girlfriend of mine swears by long, flowy skirts for sex in a park, and I’d also add running shoes to that list. 

Finally, if you are caught in the act, have an excuse ready, like, “Sorry, officer, I thought she was on fire, and I was just trying to put her out.” And if you’re asked why on earth you thought it was OK to fornicate in public, just say you saw it on Masters of Sex.

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