There’s no quicker way to get a guy’s attention than to utter one of two words: sports or sex. But in order to get your maximum attention, we’re shouting them together. Now that your focus is riveted to the page, here’s the scoop:

When most women are asked what’s missing from their sex lives, they complain that their men generally head straight for the touchdown, ignoring the many intervening yard markers on the female body that allow a woman to play the game of sex full-tilt. Fact is, sex is like any sport: If you want to be a big-contract star, you’ve gotta play the whole game. So as a special service to you, we’ve created a guide to 10 can’t-miss female erogenous zones–but instead of all the gooey romance-novel terms or translations from ancient Indian religious texts that make up most sex manuals, we’re using the language of sport. Try our Big Ten female hot spots, and you’re sure to hit a home run…and get a standing O before you hit the showers.

1. Going Neck and Neck
Come up behind her, push her hair away from the back of her neck, and deliver soft, warm kisses. If you see goose bumps or hear moaning, continue, then repeat on the other side. Note: Do this only if you are sure it will be welcomed, or you may end up facing a Tae Bo-trained back kick to your vitals.

2. Wrist Shot
Lightly graze the inside of her wrists with your fingers, or tongue if you’re more daring. We guarantee that most guys she’s been with have never bothered with this spot, and she’ll wonder what took her so long to find someone who did.

3. Throwing An Elbow
Kiss her on the delicate inside curve of her elbow–and watch her shiver with delight. This is a good first move, because it’s much more intimate than it appears.

4. Winning By a Hair
Run your fingers through her hair, gently massaging her scalp. This creates a great sensation for her, causing her body to release the relaxing hormones called endorphins.

5. Knee Pad
Lightly massage the area behind her knees with your fingers. If she isn’t too ticklish there and seems receptive to more–anything from cooing to ripping her clothes off should tip you off–lick or kiss the area.

6. Nibbling Around the Edges
Nibble and gently suck on her earlobe, then lick the center of her ear. Do this briefly, then gauge her reaction–some women love it, but to others it’s as annoying as a wet willie. If she reaches for a paper towel, you’ll have your answer. But if you’re incredibly lucky, doing this alone with a certain facility can bring some women to orgasm–a phenomenon called the auricologenital reflex, caused by stimulating a nerve inside the ear canal.

7. Fast Footwork
The way to many a woman’s heart is through her feet. Apply some pressure on the sole and heel (more if it tickles, less if it hurts), and gently stroke the toes and ankle. Don’t neglect that hollow area on the sides of her ankle, between the ankle bone and the Achilles tendon; this is an acupressure point said to help restore sexual energy.

8. Going Deep
In the middle of your next makeout session, gently suck on her upper lip and allow your lower lip to caress her frenulum, that little bit of center tissue that connects the upper lip and the gums. This is a pressure point that goes straight to her private parts; if it works, you’ll see (and feel) a reaction immediately.

9. Backfield in Motion
Apply a gentle touch–just barely grazing the skin–to the sacrum, the area of her lower back just above the tailbone. As the skin warms, apply increasing pressure to either side of (but not directly on) her spine. If she’s comfortable with it, move lower to massage the tops of her buttocks. She’s likely to find this maneuver extremely relaxing, not to mention stimulating.

10. Full-body Check
If the two of you are extremely well-acquainted (and she’s partially unclothed), you can move on to this final step: stroking her entire body down the side, from her armpits to her legs, then back up again. Do it right, and she’ll squirm with pleasure…and from there it’s just a short step to second base, third base and sliding into