You don’t need a scientific poll to tell you that guys think about sex 99.9% of the time. (Standard deviation +/- 0.1%.) At home. At work. And, yes, at the gym. If only you knew what girls at your gym really thought about sex: What body parts turn her on? Should you ask her out while she’s working out? Does she fantasize about guys from her health club? We asked so you don’t have to (because really, how awkward would that watercooler conversation have been?). Our source? The readers of Shape magazine for starters, and we also managed to pry some revealing answers from the girl in the pictures (trust us, she’s legit).

Attack of the Show presenter and 2007 Playmate of the Year Sara Underwood is undoubtedly at the top of the smoking hot girl food chain (see accompanying photos), so if you want to know what a beautiful woman is thinking at the gym, keep reading. She’s answered some of the survey questions personally—and oddly enough, she says she’s never been hit on at the gym. “I don’t know why that is,” she says, “but it’s never happened. Maybe I just don’t look hot while I’m working out, or I look mean and unapproachable.” As for her preference in male body parts, Sara’s definitely a glute aficionado. “You don’t get to see a good butt on men that often. Women are obsessed with their butts, and work them out all the time, but men forget about their butts at the gym. It’s important, because we look.”

Turn-Ons: Body Type
Sculpted and cut = 48%
Lean and toned = 38%
A little soft = 10%
Super-muscular = 3%

How many calories does a 150-pound woman burn while…
(Note: Not a pick-up line suggestion)
Kissing: 68 calories per hour
Making out: 238 calories per hour
Giving oral sex: 100 calories per half hour
Having sex: 144 calories per half hour

How does fitness impact your sexual performance?
77% say it makes them feel less selfconscious about their body
62% say it gives them more confidence to be sexually adventurous
62% say it makes them more flexible
57% say it increases their stamina

Turn-Ons: Body Parts
Arms and shoulders = 49%
Chest and back = 25%
Abs = 15%
Glutes = 7%
Legs = 4%

29% fantasize about having sex with someone from their gym

Being asked out at the gym is…
Annoying = 21%
Flattering = 18%
Inappropriate = 10%
Only 8% of girls asked actually follow though with a date.
However, 51% of women say it depends on who it is.

Which body part do you focus most of your time on to look your best?
Abs = 36%
Legs = 27%
Butt = 19%
Arms & Shoulders = 16%
Chest & Back = 2%

How does a workout affect your sex drive?
52% feel more aroused immediately after.
39% say it makes no difference.
9% have less desire.

Turn -Offs: When a guy…
Constantly checks himself out in the mirror = 35%
Spends more time flirting with other women = 32%
Sweats (or smells) profusely = 16%
Grunts = 11%
Drops weights = 6%

19% consider the potential to hook up with a guy from the gym an incentive to work out there.