What’s the best way to make shower sex work?

Make it hot, not awkward, with this advice.

What’s the best way to make shower sex work?

Shower sex is tricky because it’s awfully difficult to find a position that works that isn’t uncomfortable—usually for her. (Sorry, guys, those acrobatic porn shower scenes aren’t usually fun for the ladies.) And it’s tough to put a condom on a wet penis, compounded by the risk that it could slip off or break. Honestly, your best move is to keep your shower sex an oral affair. Besides, when she’s nice and clean, there’s a good chance she’ll enjoy it more.

But if you’re hell-bent on going all the way in the shower, follow these steps: 1) Put the condom on before getting in. 2) Use a silicone-based lubricant (such as Astroglide) that won’t wash off as easily in water. 3) Don’t consider soap, lotion, or bath gel makeshift lube—they can seriously irritate your lady and, if they’re oil-based, weaken condoms. 4) Choose a position where you can both anchor yourselves—her leaning against the wall facing you, or standing doggystyle so you can both have your hands against the tiles.

Oh, and don’t grab a shower rod that isn’t firmly bolted to the wall.