It was a mission statement a bit ahead of its time for his line of work: Fewer clients, less money. And while this memo may have earned Jerry Maguire his walking papers at SMI, it eventually landed him the girl and the big clients. Here at M&F, we’re in the business of helping you build a better body – especially abs. Hence, this month’s “Target Training” mission statement: Fewer exercises, less time. Instead of spreading your time between a vast array of movements that spot-shine different sections of your midsection, you can make small adjustments to an old favorite to narrow the focus. Decide which of the following exercises targets your obliques.

1.) Crunch

By tightening your abs, pushing your belly button out and shortening the distance between the bottom of your ribs and groin when you crunch, you’re actually bombarding the rectus abdominis, the superficial wall of muscles that make up your six-pack. Oblique involvement is minimal. MISS

2.) Crunch

By sucking in your stomach (which pulls the belly button closer to the spine), keeping your abs tight and pressing your back flat against the floor, the obliques and deep-lying transverse abdominis kick into high gear while the rectus abdominis takes a backseat. BULLSEYE