Abs 5

With the summer creeping up on us once again many of you will want to hit the beach, swimming pools, or just walk the streets shirtless with confidence. But what’s the point of doing this if you have nothing noteworthy to show.

To get the lean, ripped and sculpted abs you want to display this summer season, this simple circuit routine is the way to go. When combined with the proper diet, you’ll be showing off that rock hard, six-pack before you know it.  

Upper Abs 

Kneeling Cable Crunch – superset with Stomach Vacuum

1 set X 20 reps – 20 seconds of vacuum

Lower Abs 

Hanging Knee Raise – superset with Stomach Vacuum 

1 set X 30 reps – 20 seconds of vacuum


Oblique Cable Crunch – superset with Stomach Vacuum

1 set X 20 reps each side – 20 seconds of vacuum


*Repeat circuit 5 times, and continue to do this ab routine twice a week in conjunction with your weight training. 
See how to perform each move on the following pages. 

Cable Ab Crunch_0

How To Execute

Kneeling Cable Crunch

Connect a rope attachment to a high pulley cable, and adjust the weight accordingly on the stack.

Grab the pulley and get into a kneeling position.

Keep your elbows bent and hands at either head height or shoulder height, and crunch down as far as possible.

Pause at the bottom then slowly return to the starting position.

Hanging Knee Raise

Grip the bar with hands shoulder width apart.

Once you’re hanging with your feet slightly off the floor, slowly pull your knees up keeping your legs together.

Pause for a second, and slowly lower your knees back to the starting position.

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Oblique Cable Crunch

Set up the high pulley cable machine by connecting a grip attachment and selecting the weight you want to use.

If you are crunching the right oblique’s then grab the left pulley grip with right hand with the handle behind your head.

Pull down your oblique as far as possible without crunching into the hips.

Stomach Vacuum

Stand upright and place your hands on your hips, and exhale all the air out of your lungs.

Expand your chest, and bring your stomach in as much as possible, and hold. Imagine that you are trying to touch your navel to your backbone.


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