Arm Exercises

How to Peak Your Biceps

Try these bicep blasting moves to add some elevation to your guns.


As a trainer/contest-prep coach, one of the most common queries I receive in regards to body part troubleshooting is, “how can I achieve a better peak on my biceps?” 

The fact that some people develop longer, more football shaped biceps, while others develop shorter, more mountain-like biceps is mostly a matter left up to genetics. But do not fear, because there's a way that EVERYONE can create the illusion of having a more substantial biceps peak!

Reach Your Biceps Peak

The key lies in bringing about greater development in a little-discussed muscle that sits underneath the biceps called the brachialis. In a highly defined bodybuilder, the brachialis appears as a thick “knot” of muscle that pops out of the side of the upper arm when they are flexed and viewed from the rear. The cool thing about the brachialis is that as it grows larger, it will actually “push” the biceps up higher, which will give the appearance of a greater peak! 

The problem with effectively stimulating the brachialis is that with most standard curling movements the biceps act as the main flexor of the upper arm. You need to choose specific curling exercises that put the biceps in a mechanically weak position, so that the brachialis can get into the game! The more work you can force the brachialis to take on, the more it will be forced to adapt and grow.

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