Arm Exercises

Lift Doctor: The New 21s - Explosive Arm Growth

Spark new muscle growth with a new twist on an old-school classic.


“My arms are my worst body part and I’ve been training them 2-3 times a week.  But I’m tired of the same old arm workouts and I need something to get my biceps growing – got a killer routine?” – Trevor Baker

Training arms is definitely a love / hate relationship for most lifters.  They love to train arms and feel the ‘pump’, they love to have their arms grow, and they love to be noticed for having a great set of guns. But this love comes at a cost. 

Most lifters train arms with too much volume and too frequently. This leads to overuse injuries, inflammation, and (wrist, elbow, shoulder) joint pain – especially if they’re using a straight barbell for most of their exercises. Using dumbbells can add some relief to your joints, and training smarter can get you in and out of the gym faster.

Train Smart

Training smarter means understanding that you DON’T have to perform six different exercises for biceps and six different exercises for triceps in one workout – to see gains.  If you can perform 2-3 exercises for each muscle group and see explosive gains if the intensity is high and you focus on good quality repetitions.

Intensity doesn’t only mean lifting a maximum weight, it can also involve making every rep and every set count, and two ways to do that are to control the tempo of the rep and attack the muscle from different angles within the set.  And, as always, we want to try and perform a full range of motion for each and every rep, which would define good quality form and engage the maximum number of muscle fibers.

In summary, to increase the intensity of a set and to improve your muscle building potential, you need to:

- Perform a full range of motion

- Challenge the muscle from different angles

- Create a lot of tension, stress, and damage in the muscle fiber

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