Arnold reportedly took some members of the press on a little spin in his M47 Patton tank recently to promote his latest movie, The Last Stand, which is slated for a January 18 release. The seven-time Mr. Olympia champion has always had a love for large vehicles, and he has had a passion for tanks since his youth.

“I learned how to drive the tank, which was always my fascination, I think, because I grew up after the war, and I saw the British troops that occupied our area. So I always wanted to be a tank driver,” he said, according to Yahoo!

When a hapless clunker happened to be in Arnold’s path during this junket, he simply terminated it. Check it out here.


The Last Stand stars Schwarzenegger as Sheriff Ray Owens, who works in a sleepy town on the Mexican border. The sheriff’s quiet life is disrupted when he is tasked with stopping a drug cartel boss who has broken out of custody and is trying to flee the country. Check it out when it hits theaters on January 18.

Check out the trailer here: