The Problem


You hear over and over that pullups are the best exercise for building the lats, but while you see other guys working with added weight, you peter out at just two or three body-weight reps.


The Solution


Loop an elastic band across the spotter bars of a power rack. Unlike looping the band from the pullup bar and placing one or both knees inside to get the assistance, a low band will provide just enough help so you can get a full set.


What to Do:


1. Unlock the spotter bars and loop the band around them. Place the bars back in the power rack at about knee height.

Hang from the pullup bar and place one foot on the band. Slowly lower your body and then pull up. You want assistance, not a rebound effect.

If you find you’re still unable to finish a full set, place both feet on the band. This can even be done midset as you start to reach failure.

Adjust spotter bar height to alter the assistance given. As you progress, try a few reps without assistance, stepping on the band when needed.