Strength bands can give you a hell of a workout, even when they’re not attached to a heavy barbell or dumbbell. One of the best features of M&F strength bands by Bodylastics is the ability to augment traditional lifts, but once you attach a set of handles, you’re entering another world.

In this exercise, the traditional pec flye gets a simple twist with a set of strength bands. Rather than lifting pin-selected weight stacks in a cable crossover station or pec deck, the strength band pec flye puts your pecs under constant tension, stressing the muscle fibers of your chest in a whole new way. And as research has shown time and again, regularly changing things up is essential for sustained growth.


Attach the handles to each side of the band and loop it through one corner of a power rack or other stationary object.


Face away from the rack and stand upright in a staggered stance. Spread your arms. You should be far enough away from the rack that there is slight tension in the bands.


Contract your pecs hard and bring your hands together, keeping your elbows extended throughout the movement. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat for reps.