Chest Exercises

How to Do a Reverse Pushup

Recruit more muscle with this variation of the workout staple.

Jay Sullivan

The pushup is a surefire way to add size and strength to your chest, triceps, and core. But the reverse pushup, which has you drive your body backward, is a game-changer.

First, it recruits more muscle in your upper and lower body, as the exercise involves full-body movement. It’s also a safer way to tax your deltoids, since the 45° angle is easier on your shoulder capsule compared with a move like barbell presses, which dictate your joints' path of movement.

And then there’s the conditioning component. More movement means more calories burned, so if you’re looking to finish off your upper body and jack up your heart rate, give them a go.

How to do it

1. Get into a normal pushup position, with your hands directly underneath your shoulders. (pictured above)

Reverse Pushup
Jay Sullivan
Jay Sullivan

2. Lower yourself until your chest is an inch above the ground and push your body backward until your arms fully extend, with your knees bent and butt in the air.

Man In Plank Position
Jay Sullivan
Jay Sullivan

3. Bring yourself back into the starting position. That’s one rep.

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