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The votes are in and Carlos Seguro is the 2013 Rock Hard Challenge Champion!

Name: Carlos Seguro

Age: 34

Weight: 210

Height: 5’11”

Location: Tampa, Florida

Rock Hard Challenge Entry Bio: Since I was a kid, I have always been captivated by strong physiques, beginning with comic book superheroes, pro wrestlers, professional athletes, major movie stars such as Arnold and Sly Stallone, to the cover physiques of Muscle & Fitness. I have lived the M&F lifestyle since picking up my first magazine when I was in my teens and it has changed my life. Now I am at a stage in my life where I want to take it to the next level and follow the 2013 Rock Hard Challenge.


Check out our Q/A with this year’s champion:

M&F: What motivated you to take on the Rock Hard Challenge?

Carlos Seguro: I am always up for a challenge and the RHC was the right challenge at the right time! With summer coming up at that time, it was the perfect program implementing weight training and cardio all in one for both size and definition.

M&F: Did you make any adjustments to our recommended plan? If so, what else did you add to your workout and nutrition program?

CS: Yes, I did make adjustments to meet my personal and daily needs. Supplementation stayed the same with Phase 8 consumed pre-workout and bedtime, and Anabolic Halo taken after training. I did change the nutrition slightly taking in more calories if I felt I needed them (since I also have a physical job) and fewer calories on less active days. A lot of this was done by how I felt and how I looked. But food choices were the same ones listed on your diet, plus foods I added like chicken breasts and tilapia for increased lean protein intake.

M&F: Did you take any measurements?

CS: Unfortunately I didn’t take measurements. I have never been a numbers guy (measurements and weight scale). I have always been a mirror guy. I would always adjust nutrition and training intensity by how I reflected in that mirror.

M&F: What was the most difficult part of the challenge for you?

CS: Honestly there was no difficult part only because it was fun for me. I have always had a great time competing and challenging myself. The Rock Hard Challenge was so much fun and had me doing different training like high rep burnouts and cardio while maintaining a basic weight training protocol. If I had to say something was difficult, It would probably have had to be the eating but the food selection was so great that I got to enjoy foods like salmon, avocado, and cottage cheese that I usually don’t consume when dieting to get abs.

M&F: How has your exercise and diet regimen changed since you completed the challenge? Do you hope to continue your transformation?

CS: My exercise and diet regimen have stayed intense. I have cleaned my diet even more and maintain a traditional bodybuilding program with a few perks similar to the RHC and cardio has remained. I absolutely plan on continuing and have done so. I am the most defined I have ever been in my life.

M&F: What are your overall fitness goals?

CS: My overall fitness goals are to continue living the lifestyle—challenging myself and helping and educating and inspiring others with things like my RHC transformation. Also I’d love to be in Muscle & Fitness magazine or to grace the cover.

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