While power and strength training may slightly vary depending upon your sport, certain fundamental exercises can carry over into every athletic arena.

Start with the trap bar deadlift, which is a great tool for “learning to extend in your hips with some force” and people with “lower-back issues,” according to performance-enhancement specialist Kelvin Gary, C.S.C.S. From there, the Bulgarian split squat will work single-leg knee and hip extension, while a dumbbell neutral-grip chest press will build strength in the chest and triceps. Follow those moves up with a round of bentover single-arm dumbbell rows to work on your biceps and back.

Then, get ready to add some explosiveness to your movement with a single-arm dumbbell snatch and loaded box jumps. End on a strong note with a round of medicine ball chest passes to work on incorporating the chest press exercise to blast the force directly in front of you.

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