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The One-Move Kettlebell Interval Workout for Beginners

This higher-volume, lower-intensity workout will help you build strength and develop kettlebell skill.

Man Doing Kettlebell Swings
Per Bernal
Per Bernal
Duration 4 min.
Exercises 1
Equipment Yes

Everyone has to begin somewhere, and the two-handed kettlebell swing is the ideal place to start. This move is the foundation of most other kettlebell work and can provide great metabolic- and strength-building benefits. Get started with this higher-volume, lower-intensity workout to develop the proper movement pattern without wrecking your back.

As with any exercise, if you feel your form begin to degrade, terminate the set immediately.

Basics: The Kettlebell Swing

Holding a kettlebell with both hands, hike the bell back between your legs and then drive your hips forward to propel the bell up to eye level, keeping your arms straight.

Try the interval workout below to torch fat and develop the proper movement pattern.

Basic Bell Work

Exercise 1

Kettlebell Swing You'll need: Kettlebells How to
Kettlebell Swing thumbnail
8 sets
20 sec. reps
10 sec. rest