Kettlebell exercises if you didn’t already know is one of the most underrated moves out there. The fact that they are known as one of the most versatile gym equipment should be a clue to there effectiveness in building muscle and getting ripped.

If you want to pack on more muscle and get ripped faster, start using kettlebells. You’ll not only generate more power, build more lean muscle, and spike your metabolism, but also improve your balance and stability.

Because of the kettlebell’s shape, you can push, pull, and swing it like nothing else, and unlock a new branch of exercises that are pretty much impossible without it.

Follow these six kettlebell exercises to add more muscle, melt more fat, boost your endurance, and move better. You’ll improve your body quickly and build the foundation for every other kettlebell exercise. (Biceps curls, however, are forbidden—at least for this workout they are.)


The 5-Week, Single Kettlebell Workout

Get strong like never before with this five-week kettlebell workout.

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