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An intense week-long routine designed to build lean muscle.

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Building lean muscle requires a specific combination of targeted exercises. To build size while keeping fat levels to a minimum, you inevitably have to induce muscle damage, which repairs and rebuilds itself to become bigger and stronger. The purpose behind this program is to maximally stress the system by increasing volume, forcing an increased rate of Muscle Protein Synthesis. Rather than focusing on lifting super heavy, shift concentration to rep quality and overall volume, which will help stimulate more muscle fibers to participate, requiring continual muscle breakdown and repair. By properly supplementing with proteins and amino acids fortified by Velositol, and performing the exercises as prescribed by this muscle-building routine, you will notice improved muscle shape, strength and size.

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With the right combo of supplements and training, you can heal those damaged muscles faster to see visible results in a shorter amount of time. Velositol, a muscle protein synthesizer, is a new ingredient that can help speed up the process so you reach your goals faster. This high-volume approach will not only help you build size, but it will also increase strength. With 6 training days and an average of 10 exercises per day, this workout is intense. You'll train for 6 days straight and rest on the seventh day. Rest periods are substantial, allowing you to recover and knock out the next set with ease. You can start to see results in as few as four weeks, but pushing through this workout for eight, or even twelve, weeks is ideal for optimal muscle growth.

  • Day 1 Glutes, Legs, Arms Start
  • Day 2 Chest, Delts, Calves Start
  • Day 3 Back, Traps, Delts, Abs Start
  • Day 4 Legs, Arms Start
  • Day 5 Chest, Delts, Calves Start
  • Day 6 Back, Traps, Delts, Abs Start
  • Day 7 Rest Start