Workout Tips

25 Solid Training Tips for Greater Strength and Muscle Growth

Follow these tips for gaining muscle mass and shredding body fat.



1. Do more bodyweight training.

If you can’t control your own bodyweight, you should have no business playing around with an external load (barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells etc.).

2. Ditch the sneakers.

Make sure you are barefoot when performing any shoulder press or deadlift work. Runners place their center of gravity forward, which shifts all the stress onto the lower back and away from the glutes. Not good.

3. Perform double kettlebell military presses for sculpted shoulders. 

4. Stretch.

For every hour of exercise you should match it with an hour or stretching. Make sure you hit your hip flexors the most. Tight hips flexors come from sitting down all day and cause bad posture and lower back problems.

5. Lead with the elbow when rowing.

When doing any back exercises (one-arm rows, inverted rows, pull ups, chin ups, bent over rows) make sure you pull back with the elbows and don’t just bend the elbow. This will turn on your back and not just your bicep.

6. Chin up with no thumbs and position weight on the outside fingers.

To make your pull ups and chin ups stronger, wrap your thumbs over the bar to avoid the biceps taking over the exercise, and keep more weight on your pinky and ring fingers to turn on the lats. – Pavel Tsatsouline.

7. Perform modified push on rings to increase difficulty.

If you can perform more than 15 push ups with no sweat it's time to take things up a notch. Grab yourself a pair of rings to increase the difficulty due to the greater stabilization that is required.


8. For stronger push ups, position your hands correctly.

Place more weight through your hypothenar (the soft cushion bit in the bottom corner of your hand). – Pavel Tsatsouline. This will turn on your tricep which will make your pushups easier.

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