Workout Tips

6 Movement Patterns to Master

Be a jack of all trades by becoming an expert on these six basic movement patterns.

Beginners sometimes are confused on what they need to be doing at the outset. Should they master the powerlifts first? Should they do a bodypart split? Lift heavy? Full-body workouts? All good questions. While there are infinite ways to train, there are six foundational movement patterns that everyone should master.

Pattern                                     Examples

Upper-body pushing             Push-up, bench press, overhead press

Upper-body pulling               Row, pull-up, pulldown

Hip hinge pattern                  Deadlift, glute bridge

Squat pattern                         Goblet squat, front squat, back squat

Loaded carry                         Farmer’s walk, overhead carry

Anterior core/abs                  Ab wheel rollout, hanging leg raises

Once you learn the foundations, everything else will come easier and every workout will become far more productive. That means greater results, faster, no matter what goals you’re chasing in the gym.

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