If you haven’t done so already, then now is the time to start adopting healthy habits. And college is the best place to start, specifically the gym. My best friendships have always come from the gym because they were forged with blood, sweat, and an iron brotherhood.

Between classes and the social seen college is fun, and there shouldn’t be any excuses to living a healthy lifestyle during the four years. Grab a friend and explore the gym, getting to know the facility will help you create a workout split. Once you know the ins and outs of your college’s gym, make a list of short-term goals. This way you’ll want to get to the gym every day. After your list is created, set up a workout split that works well with you schedule. Setting a daily workout time will better ensure that you’ll get to the gym and hit your fitness goals.

After that’s all established, you’re ready to tackle your fitness goals. When you start training it’s important to stay flexible with your routine, learning how busy your facility is. At some points in the day you won’t be able to get a bench or a squat rack. Remember switching up your order of exercises can help.

Set Goals And Eat Right

If your goal is physique based, take a picture before you start and track your progress every month. When you start to notice that your motivation is dropping, take a look at your first photo and compare it to your current self. As for strength-based goals, make a journal for your lifts and watch as they increase. Tracking your lift progression can help you see where you want to be – taking your training to the next level.

Now let’s talk about our favorite part of training, the food. If you live in the dorms check out the different dinning halls to find out which spot will help you eat healthier. If you live near campus in an apartment, set up your schedule to include time to prepare your food. I use my Sundays to relax and make food for the week, cooking all the meat. For my veggies I like to keep them fresh, so I bag them in plastic bags. When I’m ready to cook them I already have the portions measured out.

With all that being said, go leave your mark on your campus as the fittest person!

Robbie Toumbs is a sophomore at Oregon State University, and he majors in Business Management and Business Information Systems.


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