Workout Tips

Lift Doctor: Best Starting Exercises

The doc's workout prescription for improving training performance and results.


“What exercises should I perform first in the workout?” – Terry Cross

Generally speaking, after a thorough warm-up, you should focus on the most difficult or taxing exercises first, while you’re fresh.  Depending on your program and your goals, this could range from power or speed specific exercises, ballistic throws, jumps, or even compound (multi-joint) exercises

Whatever exercises are going to use the most muscle groups at once or are of the greatest intensity should be prioritized first in the workout. 

Build More Muscle Mass

After the primary or goal exercise is finished, then the accessory or supplemental exercises are done. These are the exercises that help to build the primary exercise, target and overcome your individual weaknesses, and build more muscle mass. With that being said, don’t have a closed mindset when it comes to training because there are many different ways to get the job done.

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