Workout Tips

The Lift Doctor: Morning Training and Leg Workouts

The Doc's workout prescription for getting in an early workout, and going easy on the knees during a leg routine.

drink water

“What is the most effective routine if you only have about 45-50 minutes to lift first thing in the A. M.?” – Larry Criswell

They say that the most effective routine that you can do is the one that you will do consistently. Just being committed to the program however, is not enough; especially if you’re training in the morning.  You’re tired as hell, weak, and the last thing you want to do is get a workout in when you're still half asleep. But if that's the only time you can get it in, then there are some strategies you can use to make the workout very effective, and not make training something you dread.

Wake Up

Smash two huge glasses of water, some fish oil pills, vitamin D, and some licorice root as soon as you wake up. You get dehydrated when you sleep and your movement and strength can be negatively affected when you don’t have enough water in your body. The fish oil and vitamin D is great for you overall, and the licorice root will wake you up.

Dress in lots of layers. Don’t just grab your shorts and tank top. This will work to your advantage for helping you stay warm and allow you to warm-up up faster before the workout. During the morning, it takes longer to wake your body up and get warm, so wearing more layers helps. 

You can also grab a coffee as you drive into the gym if you want. This will help you wake up even more and get your mind right before you step into the gym. Continue to sip it and transition to lots of water as the warm-up and workout starts.

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