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The Lift Doctor: Pre-Bedtime Snacks and Breaking Plateaus

Our Lift Doctor answers your questions about healthy, pre-bedtime foods and training techniques for older lifters..

The Lift Doctor: Pre-Bedtime Snacks and Breaking Plateaus

Question 1: I always find myself craving something before bedtime.  What can I eat that will keep me satisfied all night and is healthy?” –Fidel Cervantes

Fidel, the answer is dependent upon how intense your training session was and what your food choices were throughout the day. If you limited your carbs during the day and are following an intermittent fasting or carb back-loading protocol, some healthy carbs at night will not have a negative impact on your body fat levels and will help your recovery. 

If you’re eating 4-6 smaller, balanced meals during the day, I typically recommend a high protein snack, like protein pudding, with some almonds mixed in.   

Check out my good friend Sean Hyson, group training director for Men’s Fitness and Muscle & Fitness magazines, detailing how to easily make a healthy protein pudding snack with your favorite protein powder.


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