When some of the brightest minds in fitness gathered in New York City this summer, there was no shortage of big ideas. It began with James Grage, the Vice President of BPI Sports, who was looking for a way to build upon the success of his recent training program, 60 Days to Fit. What he wanted this time around, however, sounded beyond lofty—a program that could get you big, strong, lean, and athletic while deftly maneuvering your body around plateaus, spiking intensity and backing off at just the right times. On top of that, he wanted to make the workouts fun, engaging competition between readers, and delivering a wholly unique experience. It had to be a program with a solid enough foundation to guarantee progress, yet varied and flexible enough to keep interest piqued. Best of all: the 60-day mark wasn’t an end point, but a beginning, with readers learning enough along the way to be able to build their own long-term program.  Grage was joined by top M&F advisors and experts in the fitness industry to develop the 60 Day Revolution. We’re incredibly proud of the program we’ve built and can’t wait to see everyone’s results.  Follow along, share your progress, and join the revolution. #60dayrevolution


James Grage
Facebook: James Grage Fitness 
James Grage, the Co-Founder and Vice President of BPI Sports, has 24 years’ experience in the gym, 15 years working in the supplement industry, and has won multiple nationally recognized bodybuilding competitions.
60 Day Tasks: Training, Nutrition, Motivation, Video tutorials, Vlog coach 

Nerijus Bagdonas, C.S.C.S, CPT
A strength and conditioning coach, fitness model and the creator of the Train P3 Training Method. Bagdonas teaches private, semi-private and group training in Manhattan.  He has 18 years of experience teaching fitness, numerous certifications and a degree in Kinesiology. 
60 Day Tasks: Training

Kyle Hunt, C.S.C.S
Hunt is a former NFL tight end on the leading edge of strength training techniques; he penned M&F’s modified Smolov squat program in 2014
60 Day Tasks: Training

What are some tips to keep people on track with a diet and nutrition plan?
I have found that having my clients keep food journals and also email me daily food logs helps keep them on track. Having to write down what they eat each day helps them make more health conscious decisions when choosing what they should eat.

Jim Sayih 
Sayih is a nationally-renown fitness expert who has made countless TV appearances. He is best known for training emergency responders. 
60 Day Tasks: Motivation, Training 

Angelica Nebbia: 
FLEXOnline.com senior web editor, IFBB Figure Pro and former competition coach
60 Day Tasks: Nutrition and organization 

When following a workout, what are some options people can follow if they cannot get to the gym?
There are numerous exercises that can be done with your own bodyweight – too many to list here, but if we gave them specific alternatives that can be done at home or on the road in place of specific gym exercises, it would take away their excuses. 

Zack Zeigler
Senior Editor for Muscle & Fitness and MuscleandFitness.com
60 Day Tasks: Motivation 

What are the essential exercises needed for a workout program?
Having a fancy gym to train in helps because who likes filth? But all you really need is a balanced diet that fits your goals and the motivation and determination to get the job done. Period. 

Matt Tuthill, CPPS
Deputy Editor for Muscle & Fitness 
60 Day Tasks: Training, Nutrition

What are some motivational tips to keep people on track with a program?
Remember why you started. The dissatisfaction with where you were should outweigh any frustrations or difficulties you have with being able to continue.

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