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Olympia Week Seminar: Nutrition and Supplements

In the first of three pre-Olympia online seminars, our expert addresses your questions on meal timing, protein types and desert-island supplementation.


This week, M&F is kicking some serious wisdom. With Olympia Weekend right around the corner (Sept. 27-28), we have enlisted an all-star panel of experts and industry leaders to answer your most burning questions on physique-building – both digitally and in the flesh.

This weekend at the M&F booth in Vegas, you can put your queries to some of the biggest names in the industry, up close and personal. And in the first of three pre-Olympia online seminars, David Sandler – who has appeared on shows such as Sports Science and Stan Lee’s Superhumans – addresses questions from his inbox and Facebook on how to eat and supplement properly to maximize your results in the gym.

Q: I'm 14 years old and I've got pretty good muscle size but how do I get my muscles to be more noticeable?

A: At 14, you still have plenty of growing to go. Muscle protein synthesis is really just getting started and your body is beginning to adapt to the increase in testosterone. Along with developing muscles, it is not uncommon to add a little extra fat as your body is naturally trying to retain fuel for the increased muscle mass. To get your muscles to pop and be more noticeable, you will need to drop just a few sugar and fat calories from your diet. Basically, drop a snack here or there and you will likely see your muscles take on a more defined shape. Instead of sweet snack or fried or fatty snack, you can add a protein-based shake to your diet on daily basis and you should find that your body will respond to your training by giving you more defined muscles as you lean out but allow you to keep your strength up. Additionally, a good protein-based snack will keep your appetite down. Rather than drop calories and try to diet, you should substitute your snacking with better foods because you are still in the developmental and growth stages and want to be sure your body has adequate calorie intake and nutrition to fuel that growth.

But remember, before beginning any exercise program and supplement and nutrition program, you should consult your physician and make sure that your parents are on board and support your training.