Check out the exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of our recent cover shoot with Dave Bautista. The Spectre star talks about how he turned to lifting weights to turn around his weak physique and establish a career as a professional wrestler. Along with his success in the squared circle, Bautista shares his passion for Jiu-Jitsu and his desire to experience what MMA fighters must endure to prepare themselves for combat.

Now all Bautista’s combat takes place on the big screen where his characters frequently flex their muscle and badass attitude. In his henchman role in the new James Bond flick, Bautista admitted to doing some real life damage to the real life OO7 during filming. “Kicking Daniel Craig’s ass is awesome,” joked the new Bond villain, but Craig got his revenge. Hear how it went down and what else we can expect to see from Bautista in the months ahead.

November Cover

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