M&F: Matador is a new series that follows a soccer star who doubles as a secret agent. Where does your character fit in?

NW: Annie is the responsible one, and I guess you could say I’m that way in real life. She’s direct and loyal and likes to kick the bad guys’ asses. She’s ruthless.

How physically demanding is it?

NW: We had some gun training at the shooting range before we started filming. We have an incredible stunt crew onboard, but I’ve been able to have a few physical fights, which can be emotionally draining more than anything. The stakes are high in the show. We’ve got to keep the suspense big!

What role does fitness play in your life right now?

NW: My schedule is very intense—we shoot long days. It’s hard to also train on those days. But keeping a healthy, happy mind is my foundation, then everything else falls into place. These days I change up my training a lot. As for diet, I eat small meals all day. I start every day with a green shake in my blender, then follow that with coffee.

What are your hobbies?

NW: I love boxing and UFC. I often go to Vegas to see the fights. I’m a huge soccer fan, too—I love my Australian rules football, though I’m starting to embrace American football as well. I grew up skateboarding and surfing, so we head to the beach a lot on weekends.

Do you consider yourself more of a guy’s girl or a girly girl?

NW: I’m a tomboy. My whole life I’ve been required to dress up for work, so any opportunity to put on my men’s sweatpants and sneakers, I’m there! Once in a while I wear a dress for an event, and all my friends laugh because they aren’t used to seeing me like that. I have an incredible wardrobe and I love fashion, but comfort first!

What’s the difference between Australian and American men?

NW: There’s not a great difference. I love both. It’s more about who a guy is as a person and what he believes in.

What kind of guys are you attracted to?

NW: If you look at my track record, I really don’t have a type!

Do you think guys are intimidated by you?

NW: Maybe. Some men are intimidated by women who have their shit together. Instead of being afraid, they should be inspired to step up. Nothing’s sexier than a powerful, fearless man.

Nicky’s Stats

Weight: 125

Height: 5’4

Measurements: 30-23-34

Twitter: @NickyWhelan