It seemed as though Caity Lotz had vacated the DC Universe after her character Canary, an ass-kicking, bisexual former assassin, became an arrow-filled pincushion during Arrow’s third season. (Oops, spoiler alert!) But it turns out, she’s still a DC U resident after returning as White Canary in the CW’s Arrow and The Flash spin-off, Legends of Tomorrow.

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The weapons training adds authenticity…You [think], ‘Yeah, she could kill a few people.’

Lotz, a skilled martial artist, is set to unveil an impressive array of on-screen badassery as she battles foes both past and present in DC’s time-traveling superhero series. “The weapons training adds authenticity,” she says. “You [think], ‘Yeah, she could kill a few people.’ ” Here’s what else you need to know about Lotz. 

She …

  • Prefers skill-developing activities such as Muay Thai or yoga rather than standard weights or cardio. 

  • Was the only girl on her Little League baseball team, but her Major League dreams ended when she accidently broke an umpire’s nose. 

  • Toured Germany with a pop R&B girl band [yes, there’s plenty of video]. 

  • Practices “tricking,” a flashy training discipline that blends flips and kicks into a fluid movement. “It’s not street fighting, but it looks great on camera,” Lotz said.

  • Dreads the thought of having to stick her hand down a hair-filled drain. 

  • Rocks Red Hot Chili Peppers tunes while in the shower. 

  • Loves it when a guy is secure enough to come up and talk to her without using a pickup line. 

  • Hasn’t done a head spin in a while, but it used to be one of her favorite dance moves. “It’s as fun as it looks, but it just takes a while for your head to get hard so it doesn’t hurt!”

  • Bears a birthmark on her right arm that changes colors and disappears depending on her mood. 

  • Listens to Major Lazer when she’s working out—even though it makes her feel as though she’s having a heart attack.