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AMA Motocross Champion, Clark Myers dons the Captain America costume and performs to sold out arenas all over the world as part of Marvel Universe Live!, dazzling fans with his spectacular riding acrobatics. 

When you take on a role as iconic as Captain America, you better look the part. Those fitted costumes are pretty unforgiving, so nothing less than a dedicated attitude towards health and fitness is going to cut it – especially when a large part of your audience is still young enough to tell you what they really think about your physique!

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The strength needed to balance whilst on a bike that’s hurtling into the rafters of a packed arena requires power from the arms, legs and core. Muscle & Fitness caught up with Clark, who is just 23 years of age, ahead of putting on the Captain America outfit in Nottingham, England, to find out how he goes about training for such a prestigious and demanding role.

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M&F: When you found out you would be playing the iconic Captain America, did you feel any pressure?

Clark: Yeah, I definitely felt some pressure. When I first got the job I didn’t know my exact role, so the main pressure I felt was with the stunts. Once I practiced that, I put the costume on and everything felt natural.

Your background has been with motorbikes since the age of 14, what kinds of muscles are used in the process of riding?

It definitely puts demands on the whole body but it’s actually the lower body and lower back. When you are riding the bikes you stand up 99% of the time, so your legs take the full force of everything.

Are there any particular exercises that you do to prepare for that?

Oh yeah, lots of squats, pistol squats, which works on knee stabaliziation. I work on a lot of balance techniques like with the bosu ball, I need to keep the lower body strong. Depending on the show schedule, whenever we arrive in a new city we will find a gym and get 3 or 4 days of workouts in before the shows begin.

When the shows begin, they become the workout. I am out there for around 20 minutes in the first act, and then maybe 45 minutes in the second act. Our big bike seen lasts around 20 minutes, you barely get time to breathe so that’s where the cardio training comes in.

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With up to three shows in a day, it must be tough to keep your nutrition in check, do you follow any particular diet?

The three shows in a day is great. We call it the ‘6 Pack’, where we have three shows in a day, and then three shows the next day. That’s where it gets fun! We put 110% into every show no matter how worn out we are. It gets brutal, but we are professionals and that’s what we do. When you see the crowd on their feet, that’s what gives you the drive. I try and eat healthily, with lots of protein intake. I love to cook chicken, steak, and pasta.

Do you take any nutritional supplementation?

I drink a lot of protein shakes, and I take a multivitamin.

Do you drink a lot of water?

I usually try and drink one and a half gallons of water every day.

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You’ve talked about the fact that you recommend people to learn about their city and go for a run. Where do you like to run?

When we are in the states some of the cities can be pretty busy but some of the smaller towns, like Spokane, Washington, are beautiful. You don’t want to stop, you just keep running. I love to see the outdoors and nature.

What is the best thing about playing the role of Captain America?

At the end (of the show), we go around and salute the audience. You see little kids and even parents dressed up. It makes you feel like you are making someone’s day!

We think the Captains advice makes great sense. Eating healthily, drinking lots of water, and exploring the great outdoors is a great way to get fit!

Marvel Universe Live! is currently in the UK, and tours all over the world.