The Returning Warrior, Finn Bálor

The world champion talks weight training, nutrition and NXT aspirations.

Finn Balor

Photo Credits: WWE

Muscle & Fitness caught up with the Irish born, NXT World Champion in Orlando recently and got the low down on his training, nutrition, and thoughts on WWE's fast rising NXT division. 

M&F: You are known for having a high risk style of offense. That must require a lot of flexibility?

Finn: I've been in the ring for many years, so it's something you build up. Over time your muscle memory allows you to stretch yourself further. Our bodies have to be highly conditioned and finely tuned to do what we do.

M&F: WWE has the Performance Center here in Orlando. What kind of advice and support do you get?

Finn: Loads. We have a world-class strength and conditioning coach in Matt Wichlinski. He's been a great help to me with training and providing alternative workouts for specific goals.

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M&F: How often do you work out?

Finn: Sometimes it's twice a day. Sometimes I have a rest day. I aim for seven workouts per week but it varies and depends on the schedule. We can be in the ring four times per week, as well. I vary the workouts. Ill jump on the bike or I do a lot of work in the swimming pool with resistance training, which is great for the joints.

Finn Balor

M&F: How do you approach nutrition when you are on the road?

Finn: At home I prepare my own food but on tour I have to shop around. I try to eat simple food and as much organic food as I can. I don't eat processed foods and I eat low carb so that means  a lot of vegetables, nuts, meat, and fish.

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