The Returning Warrior, Finn Bálor

The world champion talks weight training, nutrition and NXT aspirations.

M&F: What challenges have you faced since moving to Orlando?

Finn: Adjusting to the Florida climate took me a little time. I lost weight in the first couple of months but it was only temporary.

M&F: So what would be your favorite 'cheat' meal?

Finn: Pizza by a mile! Any topping. But it's a very rare occasion.

M&F: As an Irish competitor that started his career in the UK, how excited were you to go back in December with the WWE NXT Division?

Finn: To go back with NXT made me feel like a returning warrior. We brought something new to the UK and I feel like I have played a big part in the growth of the division. The UK is where it all started for me, so it's pretty cool to go back.

Finn Balor

M&F: NXT toured similar size venues to WWE, with a rich stable of talent, featuring established stars that have performed all over the world. It seems like NXT is no longer a developmental group?

Finn: Absolutely. NXT has grown so fast that nobody really understands just how big it can get. We are expanding into Europe. It's not just a flash in the pan. We've been consistently delivering night in and night out. NXT has definitely created its own brand and is its own entity. 

M&F: What does being the NXT Champion mean to Finn Bálor?

Finn: I pride myself on being at the cutting edge. I try to be on the cusp of what's cool... and NXT is definitely cool. I want to be known as someone who helped establish the NXT World Championship and took it to the next level

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